Today was my first physiotherapy session for the breathing exercises on WhatsApp video. The physiotherapist was patient friendly and she demonstrated simple yet powerful breathing exercises. In addition to it she supervised my practice for the same. Also gave a few pieces of advice on do’s and don’ts.
A simple, short and pleasant session.

I understood the demonstration very well, and after watching the video footage sent again, it was completely clear.

Mastering the correct inhaler technique for my asthma management has been a game-changer. With guidance from the experts at JAI Respi, I’ve learned to shake the inhaler, create a tight seal with my lips around the mouthpiece, and inhale slowly while pressing down on the canister.

Discovering the impact of diet on my asthma management has been eye-opening. By nourishing my body with wholesome foods and avoiding triggers, I’ve experienced fewer flare-ups and improved overall well-being. A healthy diet has become my secret…

Integrating yoga into my asthma management routine has been a breath of fresh air. The mindful breathing exercises taught by JAI team and gentle movements have helped me build lung strength, reduce stress, and enhance overall respiratory health…